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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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birthday party. that's it for today. we'll see you next week on "fox news sunday." for this urgent. on a very busy day and night for news, i'm harris faulkner, an american journalist has been freed in syria after being held for two years. she's now to be safe. let's first go to california. serious injuries, widespread damage across california's napa valley in the wake of a powerful earthquake. at this hour, parts of the historic wine country are under a state of emergency. some people were able to see this by camera. it awakened them. they were on the move.
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6.0 quake striking early this morning with devastating force. six miles from the picturesque town of napa. this is the strongest earthquake to rock that part of california in 25 years. at least 120 people now reported hurt, some critically. structural and fire damage is massive in that area. at least 15 buildings now tagged inhabitable. in and around the city of napa, roadways are cracked. thousands of homes without electricity or water. >> we think it may take a whole week to get ever restored. we are going to go as quickly as possible, but it may take us that long. >> here's what they're dooling with. officials say one of the biggest concerns right now, ruptured gas line which could ignite more fires in the coming hours, especially after dark, as the earthquakes continue to push off aftershocks. adam housely joins us now from
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napa. adam, your hometown is where you are, one of the heaviest tourism areas in the nation. >> reporter: yeah, one of the busiest times of tour season. so basically most of the hotels and motels in this town were absolutely booked when this earthquake hit. i'm going to show you some of the damage. you mentioned about six or eight downtown buildings have been tagged. that number has gone up significantly. there are hundreds and hundreds of homes that have major damage. these are -- this is basically a retirement mobile home park that would four of these burned to the ground. you can see six others damaged. the water main burst here, and it took a water truck basquely to fuel the fire fight this morning. they were here for hours. there's still some smoldering smoke as you walk around, but harris, we have driven all over the city since this morning. no matter went, you see cracks in buildings, bricks down, udrive by and see a how
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that looks normal, and you'll see the foundation even buckled. so there would be a lot of investigation that will take some weeks to figure out the entirety of the damage here. >> i'm curious about the whole thing with water lines and ruptured gas lines. i know that sometimes you can't always smell this, and some of it has been treated and you can smell the natural gas. what is the situation? >> they're doing a pretty good idea of checking thousand. if you have any thought at all there might be a gas leak, a smell, sound, if you're not getting consistent gas service to your home or where you live, obviously called the pacific gas & electric, and the same with water. they think they have determined where the leaks are, but there's still a lot of to fix. it's eyes and ears for everybody. you have only so many technicians. >> i mentioned the personal connection that you have. in fact your family has businesses there. i know you sustained some damage there. tell me about the local economy. you mentioned this is the time
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for tourism to really burst. >> i can tell you i delivered groceries to this park since i was about 12, 13 years old. you know a lot of people here, so there's that element. when you go to the local businesses, whether it's my family grocery store, some video my brother gave me. the damage will probably by in excess of $100,000 just for them. i went to some businesses in downtown in napa. like taquerita rosita, and every soda, every bottle of sauce, everything is oregon. restaurants are trying to clean up. this is the height of tourism season. most will not reopen until tomorrow. some are buildings that have sustained major damage. the downtown napa revitalized the buildings. a lot of those buildings are no longer inhabitable or not fully inspected.
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so there's a lot of issue hugheser to deal with. the wine think's multibillion won't affect the harvest, but we still don't have the full report from the wineries, whether some of the barrels came down. more importantly it's about human toll. i can tell you, harry, i was walking in downdown about a week ago, and also in the morning, there were hundreds of people walking around. if this had happened about four hours later, the fatalities would have been much, much worse. >> on the three people who are listed in critical condition, a man, a woman and child at this time, adam we'll come back as the news warrants. thank you very much. and as is the case following most powerful earthquakes, the threat of aftershocks can continues days, week, even months after the initial jolt. our scientists on staff this evening, janice dean will join me. not a weather event, but the science of earthquakes has you concerned? >> absolutely, harris, they're
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already feeling aftershocks. i've seen reports of 3.0, and we have a 50% chance of a large aftershot over the next couple days that could cause more damage. i've heard totals of over 30 already in the napa area of small aftershocks, and there's three different categories, foreshocks, the main shocks, and the aftershocks that occur. taking a look at the classification. this was a strong equality. above 7.0 is major, 8 or greater is great, and you remember the quaem just off the coast of sumatra in 2004, that was 9.1 magnitude. so there's what we typically look for and categories. how often do we see a 6 to 6.9?
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around 134 times a year. greater than that, 15 for over 6, and then 8 or greater very rare. so this area could be experiencing aftershocks in the next couple days, next couple weeks. let's shift to the weather. a storm by name. tell me about it. >> this is cristobal. it's a tropical storm, the third named storm of the season. of course the bahamas is getting drenched right now. i do have in great news report. we are not expecting this to make a landfall across the u.s. we'll still see high surf. rip currents will be a concern, but it's going to remain mainly offshore. becoming a hurricane, our third of the season. quick mention, harris, we have severe weather to talk about this evening. we have a tornado watch in effect for parts of minnesota as well as active tornado warnings right here in the red shaded area. these are tornado warnings, so some of these cells are producing some rotation.
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we'll continue to monitor this situation, it's a busy, busy sunday. harr harris, back to you. >> i see st. cloud at the bottom of the area. that's not too far between the twin cities? >> there's brainard, of course, heavily populated areas, where we could see some damaging winds, hail and tornado threats. >> >> my old home. janice dean, we'll come back to you. the obama administration says an al qaeda affiliate took peter theo curtis near the syrian border about two years ago. officials now expect him to be reunited with his family. his freedoms just days after the horrific video we saw, the terror group isis posted a graphic video showing the behinding of james followy. dominic dediini-natale picks up
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story. >> apparently he going under the guise of teachers as english. that's how journalist often try to get into the country. so we've had a second video. harris, you and i were talking about it earlier. the second has emerged in which he appears he was being held under duress. listen to this. >> i have a message for governments in france and america and england, across europe. it has been 20 days now. 20 days of contact -- he's the only person that can save me. my life is in very, very grave danger. i have three days, three days to live, three days.
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if you don't do anything, i'm finished. i'm dead. >> now, the family very much kept under wraps he was being held, which is why we're only seeing this video right now, but the family releasing this statement, saying that -- please know we are eternally grateful and we appeal to the captors of the remaining hostages to release them in the same humanitarian spirit that prompted theo's release. those that were holding peter are not necessarily the same ones holding the other u.s. journalists, one of whom has been threatened to be executed imminently. back to you. >> what we know about this group, this group, it actually had a split with isis and al qaeda, and they've actually fought each other, if in fact that's the group that was holding him. what is the white house's role in the release of curtis? >> we don't know how direct it's been.
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they have a close relationship with the qataris. they have brokered all sorts of agreements including with you recently very controversial with the taliban. so we know they will have been operating on their behalf. john kerry saying the white house and u.s. government relieved, issues this statement which gives us an idea of perhaps bhofs involved. the united states reached out to more than two dozens countries, asking for urgent help to secure theo's reese release and the release of any americans held hostage in syria. we continue to use every diplomatic, intelligence and military toad at our disposal to find them and bring our fellow citizens home. in fact we understand they're holding 20 journalists in total. how many of those are american we can't actually confirm, but if the qataris do have any influence, and they are sunnis, so they may be able to reach them, there could be movements on that, but that really is a
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big prayer. back to you. >> great information, dom. we appreciate it. as one hostage was released, we're learning more about the man behind is the mask that swung the blade. what the u.s. is doing to hunt down this man you see. apparently, according to reports. he loved rap music so much, he posted his singing online. and victims in today's earthquake getting a ten-second headstart thanks to a seismic warning system. have you heard about this if lin negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic.
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we saw so many nights of violence. their son was shored and killed by a police officers. we do not know all the facts. we've been waiting. as you've been following the story. they're investigating at a federal and local level and state level. we're waiting to see if that family will step up. michael brown's parents are listed as special guests. let's watch. i appreciate all love and support from his mother and myself. tomorrow all i want is peace while my son is being laid to rest.
4:17 pm
can you please, please take a day of silence, so we can --. and thank. and is this tun today, attorney ben crump and darrell -- we've got a fight in the -- the fight starts tomorrow. >> so we have watching this rally. that is michael brown, the father you just heard from calling for a day of silence. their memorial funeral is planned for funeral. the correspondent on the scene who's been there. mike, are you with us?
4:18 pm
fill in some of the gaps. i have watching it, and basically it was a concert up until about four minutes ago. >> right. they call it peace fest. it's as much about community outreach and politics as much about the death of mike brown as it is about music. you have a stage, and it really looks lie the festival was planned in advantage and they're using this as an opportunity to get out the most recent events. we had a strong voice really walling for calm. . he wants peace more than anything else so he can get through the day of the funeral without street democrat stations. previously they had one from the nation of islam, asking people not to demonstrate tomorrow.
4:19 pm
mike, i want to tell everybody that person they just saw on the. benjamin crump, the attorney for the family in the trayvon martin case. go ahead, mike. >> speaking of the trayvon martin, someone we saw in that case, someone we saw backstage is tracy martin, the father of trayvon martin. he is expected to get up here and address this crowd i expect a similar message. keep things peaceful tomorrow. let mike brown sr. and mike brown's mother lay their son to rest in peat without the distraction of everything else that has been happening in ferguson, missouri. >> mike, i want to ask this question, you've got this rally going on, and people can see, watch and hear what's happening. and people are raising money,
4:20 pm
they're raising funds, they've done a crowd funding effort for him. give me the latest on that. >> that is happening at another side of town, a bar called barney's it's attracting some controversy, because demonstrators from this side, if you will, people supporting the family, have gone there to try to disrupt it. they don't like that kind of thing happening, and the message that the supporters of officer wilson are trying to little out is they support the police, and they're raising money to the tune of some $400,000. >> mike tobin, thank you very much. i know that rally continuing tonight. you said across town, the supporters for officer darren wilson. we appreciate you popping up and reporting. we didn't know what we had here. and then we heard from the parents of michael brown calling for piece.
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before we step away smolder debris. the biggest earthquake in years area. plus chaos after gunfire in a hollywood nightclub. stay close. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. word they have captured a major military base in northeast syria following a bloody battle which lasted three weeks. this was it is last cake outpost controlled by the assad regime in syria, really in that entire region. listen to why this is so painful to lose. the savages of isis now have their hands on more tanks, artillery and several squadrons of war planes and helicopters.
4:25 pm
here's the video which shows some of those weapons taken just by isis captured the base. it does come as some military leaders that are expanding the air campaign into syria. and then into syria. where isis terrorists have captured wide swaths of territory and are now prayeding in a virtual safe haven for them. meanwhile, british intel gens executing american journalist james foley. britain's ambassador says they're using techniques including sophisticated voice recognition software to identify that killer. >> molly, i am hearing this -- i don't even have a word -- he posted his own voice online. >> he did. he posted his own voice, and a western official tells fox the clues from the horrific
4:26 pm
execution video, including the mufrder's voice have led the, to a former hip-hop rapper from london. he left london last year to travel to syria to fight with the isis terror group. he -- with lyrics such as, quote,ivity differentiate the angels from the demons. i ain't got normal feelings. then after going to fight with terrorists in syria, he started a twitter account and posted a gruesome picture of himself holding a severed head. harris? >>. >> actually, this guy is not exactly a top isis leader. >> exactly. certainly the u.s. wants to get this guy, but one former u.s. intelligence tissues says the u.s. shouldn't focus solely on
4:27 pm
foley's killer. >> it doesn't really matter who the executioner was. this was the group that killed james foley. this order came from the very top of the group. >> his egyptian-born father was expedited on terrorist charges in 2012. allegedly a close associate of osama bin laden, and u.s. officials believe he was connected to the 1998 bomb us of u.s. embassies in africa. >> molly, thank you very much. james foley's hometown is paying transcribed to butte to him. remembers james as a loving and caring man who went out of his ways to help those less fortunate. they called it a mats of healing, hope and for peace. speakers praised foley's determination to report on the victims inside of syria, but the ceremonies were not limited to just here in the united states. a crowd also gathered in erbil in northern iraq for a special memorial service.
4:28 pm
most people there never knew him, better wsh appalled by his death. the recovery is already under way in the golden state, but pretty soon it would be darkness setting in. they have to watch for dangers as aftershocks continue. the strongest earthquake to strike the bay area in a quarter century rocked napa valley today. our team coverage continues from the scene, next. and president obama is returning to the white house tonight following two weeks vacation on martha's vineyard. what will his first crisis be that he'll deal with? there's so many to choose from, unfortunately. our political insiders are coming up. can chime in while you tune in. get in on the conversation on twitter. also like me on facebook. and we'll read your tweets and postings, state close. ♪
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4:33 pm
the damage extensive, the threat may be far from over. let's go to will carr in napa valley. i do want to start with the human elements. we have three people in critical condition, will. and 120 morn that had to go to the hospital for various things. so it really had a big impact. a number of people injured. i want to show exactly why on the bottom floor, there was a restaurant. at you work your way up to the second and third floors. you can see at the very top where the brick walls just came flying down. right now there's pieces of metal being blown around in the wind. everybody is having to stay back, because authorities of worried that the roof could come flying down at any point.
4:34 pm
home, buildings, businesses, almost every block of napa that i've gone through has some kind of destruction. for trailers in the area were completely destroyed, it sparked numerous fires. 120 people to the hospital like i mentioned, harris, three people with the critical injuries. three people are telling us they feel very lucky that more people weren't hurt or killed. >> will carr, live from there. at the top of the hour there's a scheduled news conference from napa. we heard from them the napa city manager talking about the cut gas lines and how dangerous it could be overnight as the darkness sets.
4:35 pm
we're also monitoring other situations. we have a lot of news tonight, so stick with us. we're going to do a second hour. for those of you clamors for the next three gentlemen, dreams do come true. president obama is returning to the white house after vacation on martha's vineyard. he certainly will have a lot waiting on his plate when he gets home, including how to stop isis. the fox news political insiders are here. you can join the conversation here #frw for fox report weekend, baby. john leboutillier former congressman from new york. pat caddell, a former pollster for jimmy my carter, and and th
4:36 pm
to the good lord, a freed american journalist. >> it is great when a hostage is leg go. we're all happy, about you now we've got to find out in light of what happened with bergdahl, and giving we think a lot of money and firch taliban guys to get bergdahl out, and then we allegedly wouldn't pay to get mr. foley out, the poorman who got beheaded. did we reverse again and pay to get this guy out. >> you're talking about bowe bergdahl, five prisoners let go at gitmo. >> let's remember, they were the leaders in afghanistan of the taliban effort. these were not minor people. these were their leadership.
4:37 pm
the ga has done it was done -- another incidence of that, and john's raised the right question here. we know that qatar -- we know john kerry reached out to people begging them to help us. i think they were concerned about another beheading, doing something to alleviate the bad news isis said they would do do, doug. >> the personal dimension, pat and john have covered extremely well. i would focus what you're reported from northeast syria about the taking of the assad's regime of the last real base. we're in a war with isis. it is a multinational war.
4:38 pm
we are learns that isis may have recruited hundreds of americans. while the beheadings are unspeakably tragic, and john is right, we should be very, very pleased that a life was saved -- we are in a fight that involved our freedoms, or democracy and our core values. that's what the president will take up, i hope, tomorrow in the oval office. >> besides that base you mentioned in syria, also the airport in tripoli was taken over today. the chinese really buzzed one of our planes really close. >> yeah, that didn't get a lot of play this week.
4:39 pm
>> how can you? we kept describing we have a huge stove with all these pots bogeys. the bottom line, with all due deference to doug is that people, leaders in the world, believe they can take obama's measure and push is any way they want. that is the real problem going on. >> i think one of the turning points was 2 1/2 years ago the president was at a summit conference and medvedev, then the president of russia was there. you remember they caught them talking on a live mike, and the president says to medvedev, after i'm reelected, will be able to be more flexibility. >> i wonder how flexible he's feeling now? >> but flexibility in the minds of a guy like putin is a bad thing. >> look what's happening. i know we're jumping around, but i asked the question before the commercial break -- which crisis
4:40 pm
do you start with when you come back from vacation, right? you've got an estimated 18,000-plus massing at the border from russia into eye crane, you're putting their gear at the border. they were supposed to send 35 trucks last week with aid. ukraine tried to keep them at a check station, because they weren't trusting it, like a trojan horse. they spent more than 130 trucks from russia into ukraine. that's like an invasion. >> nato said on friday, right, doug? -- that there were artillery pieces in the ukraine manned by russian uniforms. >> potential we're told 10:00 p.m. eastern, air force one will touch down or so, and he'll be back from vacation. what do you hit first, pat? >> i think the first thing is isis. the defense -- the group that he described in january is the junior varsity, the jv team, is anything but. i mentioned this earlier in the
4:41 pm
week on another program during the day that we had to, i think, in syria, look, we cannot allow the isis in syria. we saw the base taken today. you have what we had in vietnam, which is the equivalent of a sanctuary. that's where the ammo dumps are. that's where the base troops are, and the pentagon is already pushing to hit them in syria. second, can they get any coalition support? they've got to help the kurds. we need to step -- push some of our allies -- >> we need turkey to prevent isis from getting into syria and iraq. >> the president has to lead. he's got to lead. on both crises at the same time. he said during the campaign, i can multitask. >> can i ask a question? the president says the people are war weary. i'm looking at the facebook page. one says -- isis should be killed and blown up. are people ready for us to go to war? or is the president right?
4:42 pm
>> i think with all due respect, erica is right. it's one thing to fight a foreign war in afghanistan or iraq, harris, where there's no great or immediate connection to the united states and our freedoms and liberties, but the beheadings send a message that we are all at risk. indeed the use of a executioner with a british accent under scores that point. pat and john are right. we need a strategy for our foreign policy, as john mccain said today on i believe it was "fox news sunday" he's quite detached, as senator mccain said, and we need a strategy of engagement to take on isis, to stop the russians and rally or allies. >> the reason the president has been so reluctant, again leading from behind as they like to say, is he's worried about his constituents and the democratic party, just as the white house is sending three people to the funeral tomorrow in ferguson for
4:43 pm
the young man that was killed. by the way, as you and john pointed out, think of the last time they sent three aides to one of our soldiers who died. they're worried about the minority politics. they're worried about their liberal base. they're worrd about this, and the president has gotten caught, because everyone now is worried about -- >> i was just going to say there's bipartisan concern now. you said leading from behind. what that brings up in my mind is shepherd. that's great if you're sheep. i don't know. i just thought of that. we're going to come right back. we've got a lot of place on social media. if you can't get it all in now, second hour we're going to do a total block just social media, but i have some tweets and facebook posts to get to. we'll continue the conversation. stay close. ♪
4:44 pm
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terrorists claiming a big
4:47 pm
victory today, not in iraq but in syria, captures a major syrian military base just after a three-week fight and with the base possibly scores of new weapons, including an entire squadron -- i shouldn't say that, several squadrons of fighter jets. you mentioned it right before the commercial break. john, pad and doug are back. doug, i want to go to you first. one of our tweeters writes -- real leaders don't take into account the pup's sporesed war wearyness when a threat like isis rears its head. >> they couldn't have put it more intelligently franklin del no roosevelt understood the threat, hedges hence the declarf
4:48 pm
war in 19421. clearly we are facing the threat that may not be the equivalent of then, but it's a real threat, and leaders have to lead, not stand back. we need to fully engage with the kurds. we need to provide military assistance to the iraqi army. >> before we go forward. do we have that from mike rogers? can we roll that? then you want your thoughts. >> no, we'll come back to it. some words from the chairman of the select committee on intelligence really interesting. hopefully we'll get -- >> he basically says isis could already be here in the united states. >> do we have it? no.
4:49 pm
>> some could be american citizens. >> they are, in eye says. >> one of problems is it's gone unabated for nearly two years. that drawing people across europe, even the united states to go and join the fight they are one plane ticket away from u.s. shores. that's why we are so concerned about it. >> pat? >> i think we had it a couple weeks ago, an isis fighter was taken into custody at jfk. i called him the advance team already. who knows how many are in here or coming up southern border, or anywhere. but yes, i just want to say parenthetically yesterday we were at yankee stadium with our boss, where we were having political insiders and baseball insiders. at one point, joe torre day, you
4:50 pm
want to all of us, who do you think the american people would rather have viewing with getting something done? barack obama or joe torre. everyone in the owners' box cracked up, because they knew the answer. this is the problem with nonleadership. qpotus doesn't realize all the nations are wading for us to go in. we have a definite enemy now, not smoke." >> the first thing the president did wrong is the day of the beheading, he should have at least canceled that day of vacation. i mean, make it look like -- >> within five minutes, he was on the links already. >> meanwhile, david cameron gave it up and went back. >> they thought the man on the tape was british. >> i know, but -- >> that was before they had even identified him. >> but the victim is an american. if there was ever a
4:51 pm
precipitating event for the president of the united states to switch strategy, this is it. he stayed in martha's vineyard. we have six seconds. k.y. writes -- did isis get the weapons too? stay close. so what we're looking for is a way to "plus" our accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses. perfect timing. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. good calculating kyle. good job kyle.
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4:55 pm
share in any more wars. we can't put it all on the same soldiers and families every five years. so let's have a draft, put everybody in, have a tax to pay for it, and let's have shared sacrifice. how many people want that? >> you see leadership, if the president wanted to lead -- when i said do it smartly, we could use, as we did in afghanistan, we could bring in allies, turkey, this -- the gulf states, their troops, we have special forces troops. we didn't put large units on the ground in afghanistan when we knocked the taliban off. airpower, we could do this smartly, but we need allies, and we need a leadership, as you said, a president who can not only lead the united states. look, the british, germans and french are already showing how concerned they are, and the first time we could rally if the president weren't so weak and weren't spending all of his time
4:56 pm
just sending images. of being on a golf course laughing and joking. >> and with you ukraine, the same thing. same allying, right, doug? in western europe? >> absolutely. look -- >> real quickly, doug. >> angela merkel was in germany yesterday providing assistance to ukraine, underscoring or absence there, our absences in iraq, indeed or absence leading the world, which is our responsibility. >> one quick line -- stop worrying about the election and start worrying about the country. >> wow. >> truer words haven't been said. on twitter right now, i have just put out, because people are responding to the word "draft" with regard to the military. guess what? second hour, you guys are going to come back for an all-social media segment, and we are going toedly as many of these as we possibly can. people have been clamoring for this. on a day of a lot of news. we're going to bring you guys back so we can have a further discussion.
4:57 pm
draft, i want to people are going to say about that. stay with us, everybody. we'll be right back.
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